Where can i get pegged

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There is no internet website where ladies who love pegging are just waiting to hook up with men for a NSA pegging encounter. Plus, many of the women are fake profiles, pros or online fantasy-only women who you will never meet. Just like it is hard to find a woman who enjoys sex and is ready to fuck a stranger.

Kudos to you. Well done. Approach finding a woman to peg you the exact same way you would approach finding a relationship. Be as charming, clever, polite, fun, interesting and considerate as you know how to be. Whether in person or online. If you are on a Vanilla dating site, send a letter of introduction with correct spelling and good grammar. Tell her a little about yourself. Talk about something in her profile that you liked and why. Tell her you are interested and would like to hear from her. Use your best judgment to discern if she is sexually open-minded.

Date her, get to know her. After you have taken each other for a test drive sexually, if all feels good then talk with her about the pegging. Using finesse. Do not present it like you have leprosy. Present it like a very cool thing that she gets to do with you because you love it. This might help. And this, too. I will tell you how that comes across to us women who love pegging. Like you are pursuing us for our strap-on and you could care less about the woman underneath. Like you want us to satisfy your desire to be pegged and that is what is at the forefront of your intentions. We are not a fetish delivery system.

And we will drop you like a hot potato if you treat us like one. I had one guy, after a fine dinner, tell me he had his toys out in the car…did I want to see them? Bringing sex toys for a show and tell on the first date? Zero class. We do not see just your body part, no matter how lovely your ass might be. Just because we love pegging does not mean we want to be treated like a convenient way to scratch your itch. There is a woman under the strap-on. Pegging is sex. The openness and vulnerability required for penetration…the skill and intention necessary to penetrate someone.

Both are unfamiliar roles for the gender experiencing them. Pegging completely switches it up and things can feel pretty different, intense and intimate. Not usually a place most women want to go with someone they barely know. Something that makes the moment hot and steamy. Something that makes us want to jump you and do you.

Something more than 20 words in a pegging ad. Which le us to…. You can find stories about pegging parties where there were a few women with strap-ons doing the guys. Are these stories true? But are these situations common? Absolutely not. They are extremely rare. Out of the thousands of pegging posted on whatever website you guys can find to post them on, an infinitesimally small of men actually get a response, much less actually get pegged.

Pegging do not work. The exception is…If a woman is into casual play and the guy is a total hottie or charming, fun, personable or clever enough — she might go for it. There are so many men begging for a pegging that women like that have a lot of men to choose from, though. Total long shot. There are some women who would consider doing it for fun with a kinky friend. But first you have to make friends with those women! You must send a letter of introduction as I described above, meet her and get to know her first.

This brings us to in person. Where do these rare women who love pegging and might consider casual play…where do they congregate in person? The only place I know of is the kink community. The BDSM groups that get together in your area likely have a few women who are interested in pegging. The women in BDSM groups are usually more open about sex, too.

You can find groups in your area by going to FetLife. Keep in mind that people in those groups have all kinds of kinks, so check your judgment at the door. You go to their public get-togethers, get to know people in the community and make friends. There is no short cut. One you have gotten to know the women in the group, you can try this approach.

But she might call you later and ask you about it, too! People in BDSM clubs are experimental, and there is less of an emphasis on necessary intimacy when playing with others. Sometimes they just want to try something out. You could get lucky. But again — there is no shortcut. So after all this…I hope I have not discouraged you men from exploring pegging. The only thing I hope I have discouraged you from is whining about how hard it is to find a complete stranger to fuck your ass.

I have said it before and I will say it again: Pegging is like the Dubai Tower of sex thrills. It is exotic, deep, intense and explosive. For an experience that fine, that rich with pleasure and discovery…you will just have to work for it.

In case you missed it — this piece might have some very good information for you. The answer here is that you can find a woman just about everywhere to peg you. In for a penny, in for a pound? I think not. You even say that in a later section.

I hate bowling by the way. I explain further in the next section. Does she see the man behind the Data Recovery Utilities Disk? Does she try to get to know me first? Does she ask me about what I might want? However, unlike what you said about dropping someone like a hot potatoe in such a situation, I try to educate, by taking on the request for assistance and making the situation with the computer even worse than it was.

The double standard is very much alive and well, with both sexes. Not as long as the act of sex and in my case, the act of computer repair is given special consideration. Hopefully, there will be a not-inificant of men who will realise that Life Is Too Short TM and that attitudes need to change. Keep up the good work. Hi Harry — I am going to read a bit of this on my podcast — love your comments!!

Hells Bells, you read the whole thing! I left a comment on the for Podcast 92 at your peggingparadise. I never expected that the comment would be read out in the podcast, and I feel that at least one of the points I was trying to make may not have come through as I wanted it to. Ladies, please try and understand that for a percentage of us who are burdened with a single X chromosome, the knowledge that you Peg is an extremely high factor of attraction.

That said, I feel that there are some important points which are not addressed in this article, and which really do need to be, at the very least, acknowledged. Some guys who enjoy being on the receiving end, actually want it within the context of a loving, caring, mutually satisfying relationship. But even the bold among us can find it extremely difficult to find a woman who is interested in pegging, because in the past we have been rejected — or worse, humiliated — by a long string of women who do not share that interest.

To provide an alternate suggestion, if pegging is something you want within a relationship, for men and women alike, I recommend considering disclosing this information early on. Yes it can, and often will result in rejection. Above all, treat other people with respect, no matter what their personal opinions or sexual tastes might be. Thanks so much for your input. I appreciate everything that you have said about treating people with respect and I still have patience…. Where is the best place to find guys that want to be pegged? More so a submissive guy who wants to be pegged.

Just be prepared to be besieged! There are many, many submissive men on FetLife who would love to find a women who wants to engage in pegging on a NSA basis. Have fun! There are plenty out there who want that, and well me being one of them! But good luck in finding what it is you are looking for. I would like to try it. I experienced things when i was a teen. So i think i might could do it. You made sense! No sex in 10 yrs made it uncomfortably plain that I will never get to try this.

Gee thanks. I read this and responded on podcast , which will be posted March 28th just after midnight PDT. Really great article, what do you think about targeting bisexual active women? Women who already loving that motion, should be a high probability they like it on a guy too. If you enjoy bisexual women, awesome! Get to know the woman first, show her you can do good vanilla sex and then lay your kink cards on the table.

As you point out there are SO many submissives out there that women who are into pegging have a vast choice and some abuse the privelege. Many hardcore Doms are misandry personified and so pegging becomes a ritual humiliation and degradation, which is a pity. I am Switch myself and am inundated with submissive ladies as anyone in the lifestyle knows, being a Master is hard work, and requires a great deal of thought, insight, energy and technique if it is to be done properly. Consequently I find it very difficult to indulge my own submissive side when some Doms are, if you will pardon the expression, emotionally damaged psychobitches,.

Another possible way in for the fetish types are anal lesbians. Not all lesbians are man haters, they are just not interested. If you can win their trust and treat them with the respect that any woman deserves you might get lucky one day.

Where can i get pegged

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