Smoking fetish sites

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The experimental smoking fetish artwork " Smoking Sweeties " from the collaboration of professional and amateur models who are regular smokers. These smoking models have been portrayed on extremely backlighted studio scenarios, through elegant smoking fetish photos and HD video interviews. The resulting work has been intended to display the rare beauty of some particular smoking girls while playing with the smoke. SmokingSweeties videos explore the mind of several beautiful heavy smoking girls. The outstanding HD video images of some of the models proudly smoking, are a door to wonder multiple questions about this social habit on smoking women, in order to find what symbolizes on your own mind.

SmokingSweeties clips stay apart of the rude or too-sexy imagery of modern smoking fetish clips, instead the videos focus on an elegant way on the intimate bonds between a woman and her cigarette. Not surprisingly, multiple smoking fetish forums have proclaimed Smokingsweeties as one of the finest sites to download free smoking-fetish photos of popular sexy smoking models.

The smoking fetish is the ability of reading a precise symbology behind the gestures on the body-language of a smoking woman. Its symbological hidden codes may vary from person to person; a well aspected viewing of the videos may help to understand deep educational and behavioural patterns learnt during each viewer's childhood. Have you ever feel intrigued while watching a sexy chain smoking girl on a public place, as she was deep inhaling from her cigarette?

SmokingSweeties has documented on their videos an array of smoking models who master the skills of smoking seduction, as a remembrance of the glamour of sexy actresses from the past. Surely you still remember those Hollywood women glamorously smoking cigarettes as a fetish object in old movies. If you always liked to watch glamorous sexy girls smoking a cigarette , you're invited to download any of our SmokingSweeties HD videos , or to have a look to our free smoking fetish photo galleries.

Smoking fetish mildly provocative references. Our terms.

Smoking fetish sites

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