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I am so awful at sexting. She's a pro. I can send pictures but that's about it. Can any of you sexy raptors give me advice? It just feels like it's not me when I'm saying dirty things. But it's a long distance relationship temporarily and I want to please her so badly!

Sexting is all about engaging the mind. You don't even have to literally be doing everything you sext, but the imagination is there to fill in the blanks. Start off slow, casually mentioning something recent or an act you really guys enjoy. I've been thinking about the other night when you hands in my hair I had you pinned under me Use whatever sexual power dynamics you guys may have to push things further.

You know how much I love making you mine I want to ravish you until you can't take it anymore You can be as explicit or implicit as you'd like otherwise. Some people like to leave it up to the imagination when use general words like "fuck" or "take you inside me", and some people like it dirty, raw, and completely clear that you guys are having sex via text : "I want to take your fingers in my pussy until I can't take it anymore"; "who's my little fuck toy?

You're not allowed to cum unless you beg your Mistress for it. Tell me how much you want it"; "I love how close we are when I'm inside you, feeling your warmth and smelling your scent. All in all, just have fun, don't worry about get hung up on the finer details, and don't worry about actually touching yourself, orgasming, or otherwise being literal.

It's a bonding activity over a shared activity that you both hopefully enjoy, especially when in a long distance relationship. Are you trying to get her off, or just let her know you miss her? Sometimes the simplest text, "I miss the way my bed smells when you're in it" can turn me on for hours. If it's a moment when my body hurts from being apart from her, I'll need something stronger, such as "If I was there right now, I'd have my fingers and tongue so far inside you that you won't be able to walk for days.

I've seen some friends versions of sexting and it made me laugh. Just ask her what she likes hearing from you. Over me. Making that face you get when I accuse you of something you're definitely guilty of, you devious girl. And you diving for my neck, but I turn just right and get yours instead. It keeps playing over and over because it's so easy to imagine - to remember - with all the details.

How your hair hangs. How bright your eyes get, and how they look as you're closing them. And then I close mine, just like they're closed now. Love you : ". So yeah, she's working. She tries to act annoyed but can't help but smile and get that "damn you" face, which I'm expecting to see over FaceTime later. So something I like to do is even when not full on sexting, I like dropping little things throughout the conversation, like "just noticed my hickey, thanks :p" yeah we're mature or "I really wish I could kiss you right now" or even just noting tension we build. We both constantly drop references to things that aren't sexual out of context and just keep each other aware that we're definitely sexually attracted to each other.

So subtle can be super fun. I also really get aggressive about these things within the few days before I see her. The buildup is worth it for the release. I posted a "Talk Dirty to Me" thread recently. I just tried searching for it and forgot to limit it to AL, the were hilarious and informative. Anyway, talking dirty and sexting are pretty much the same thing. But remember what the Bible says Leviticus : Thou shalt not sext anything thou doth not want to see on the front of thine New York Times.

Just say, "I shall insert exactly two digits of the hand within your vaginal cavity, approximately 9. I shall withdrawal and reinsert the deated digits with rhythmic force, resulting in a physically intimate and sexual experience. Works every time.

How to sext properly? Posted by 6 years ago. Sort by: best. You don't even have to literally be doing everything you sext, but the imagination is there to fill in the blanks Start off slow, casually mentioning something recent or an act you really guys enjoy. I shouldn't have read this at work. Continue this thread. Love you : " So yeah, she's working. Make your talk beautiful and sexy if that is how you have sex.

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Sext lesbians

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