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It would be helpful if someone could put up a list of the names somewhere, but without the images themselves, or any links to the original forum. I don't really feel comfortable looking for the original site, and wouldn't want to share that link either. I'd like to know this list too, would like to know if my wife is on there before being told by a friend.

Brisbane Times helpfully supplied the exact Google search string you need to use in the article itself, so start there! When will the government bring in stronger anti-piracy laws to protect us from this evil madman? If you want them just throw a photo up and say they are from X city then troll around a bit, im sure they will come, probably hosted on mega or something id say. I know, it should be a linux thinkpad with the terminal on the screen and green letters. Surely we're going to reach a critical mass where everyone's nudes are on the the internet.

Then it won't even be a big deal because everyone's junk is there, for the world to see! Mine too. I put it there. Hi Sea of Dreams Natalie here from BT. Just wanted to say I reported on this issue ly, link here:. I just wanted to point out that we have included links to these message boards, and in my case that was certainly because I didn't want to get the s more views or expose the women in the pictures to more eyeballs. It's a tough one because giving links would allow women to check to see if their photos are online, meaning they could lodge a complaint.

It's a subject that I personally find very wrenching. Of course men and women have the right to take and send whatever pictures of themselves they want. I firmly believe that. And yet it's a sad reality of human nature that people like sharing things and people like nudity - throw in some uncharitable attitudes and there you have it.

Until those attitudes change, I guess. Another fine example of the "Anything for clicks" policy that tabloid media seems to follow, these days. What's the website? Where did you find it? I'd really like to know if I'm on there. Posted by Living in the city.

Sort by: best. View discussions in 1 other community. Now I'm paranoid too Continue this thread. The notorious hacker known as '4Chan' strikes again. I actually found my Ex on there I told her, she isn't surprised or even bothered. A iMac G4? Stock photo. Note: My junk is definitely on the interwebs somewhere..

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Qld girls nude

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