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I am a huge exhibitionist, in fact my ultimate fantasy since middle school has been being forced to attend school completely naked as a punishment. The fantasy only intensified when I got into high school. Now that I'm 19 years old and college age I want nothing more than to walk around campus in broad daylight completely naked. I want to feel the complete and utter embarrassment and humiliation of being seen naked by all those people I'll have to see everyday.

I want them to take photos and videos and post them online. I want the evidence to eventually get back to all my high school and middle school classmates. I want to feel the complete and total thrill of having nowhere to run or hide. I also want to be spanked in the nude by my fellow classmates, especially the females. I want to be forced against my will to jerk off and cum in front of them. I want to be absolutely humiliated and forced to confess what a dirty filthy freaky exhibitionistic pervert I am. I'm a feminist but I am incredibly turned on by videos men take up women's skirts in public.

I know they're a huge violation, but the thought of someone doing it to me has made me start wearing skirts and no panties, and not be careful at all about accidentally flashing people. I sat in the park this week with my knees folded up knowing I was exposed between my ankles, caught a man staring, and pretended not to notice.

I got so wet I was dripping down my leg walking away. I feel deeply conflicted and ashamed to tell my boyfriend. You are normal. Take it to the next level. Very exciting! I would tell you to slowly ask him about other sexual theme subjects first and after you ask him about this one and ask for his views on each and every one of them.

That way you will know his views on this one without a huge chance of him zeroing in on this as your own fetish. As you ask, be sure to not give this one subject any specifically important attention. You need a Premium to access that feature! We provide many cool features for confessions exclusively for premium users Go Premium. Public-nudity Confessions Public-nudity confession stories and sins. Confession Stories Confessions Current: public-nudity.

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Public nudity story

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