Mommy dom rules

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That would be great. I would very much appreciate if someone did that. A little boy refuses to drink anything except for apple juice and milk. A little boy plays with the household cats and gets disappointed when they walk away like all cats do. A little boy refuses to go anywhere without his stuffed mouse.

Named Mousey or Cheezer. A little boy will always complain there is never enough blankets. A little boy will flop himself across your lap or sit on it randomly, expecting back rubs and cuddles. A little boy will always pick a bubble bath over a shower. But no bubble bath is complete without his rubber duckies. He is too shy to ask for that new stuffie or toy in the store but you can see in his eyes he wants it so…he gets a new toy.

A little boy will refuse to go to doctors appointments without mommy because they are too scary. He will probably ask for ice cream afterwards and mommy will give in because he was a good boy even though he hates the doctor. A little boy will ask for trips to the zoo very frequently to see the giraffes.

There will be so many days of watching nothing but Winnie the Pooh. When there is a shortage of tacos in the house, it is a disaster and we must run to Taco Bell to make sure the shortage is just in our house, not the entire world.

Taking medicine at night is an hour long process sometimes. Little boys have this way of pouting that makes you falter in being stern with them and just hug them instead. You never know when your little boy will want it. Some nights he will want to sleep in pajamas, some nights he will refuse so he will be naked. You will have to keep the closet door open at all times to show there are no monsters in it.

Also might not be a good idea to watch Monsters. Inc You may have to watch Big Hero 6 several times in one day. Getting your little boy to sit still can be impossible. And mommy is the one who has ADHD… Also cuddles. If he does something to upset you, take a few minutes to breathe and calm yourself down, and calmly explain why you got upset. He will probably want to sit on your lap during dinnertime. No matter how much he tries to convince you, chocolate ice cream is not an acceptable breakfast. A little boy is quite the little rascal sometimes, be patient with him. His hair will get poofy and tangled and everywhere, make sure to brush it at least twice a day.

He loves when you brush it so he might mess it up on purpose. Having a little boy is the most amazing thing in the world. Be patient, understanding, loving, give him all the attention in the universe. Jakey just got some new pacis! Posts Likes Following Archive. What is a little boy? Good Boy Me: Mommy! Me: I drew yew picture! You did wonderful! Me: Weally?!?!?! Little Space necessities:. Top Photos. Recently Liked.

Mommy dom rules

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