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You are not logged in Log in Register to Post. Featured New Release. I note they are bringing in more content partners to help make up for their lack of shooting and there is still quite the active update schedule. Remastering classics. Just a plethora of content options. Looking forward to when the can open up post CV19 and shooting again. Any members have any suggestions? Their favorites stuff and scenes or maybe stuff you think I should check out specifically based off that list of channels maybe? Bonafide classics I have missed being a brand new member and all?

The fan-created Kink. There is some good news and there is some terrible news. The good news is that you get access to a huge library of really great content going back over a decade. The terrible news is that Kink is for all intent and purposes a dead studio now and it has very little to do with Covid Their slow demise began not long after they lost their main shooting studio The Armory. They were able to shoot some decent and even sometime some great porn but too often it didn't feel like their old stuff. I just visited the site and for a second I had to check to see if there was something wrong because the bulk of their new updates is all gay porn related.

Something that Kink has been shooting for a long time but was not in your face as it now is. I'm glad people are still finding Kink because there is some great older content. Except for very limited exceptions, Kink has not been shooting due to COVID, they are being far more strict than other studios, for the health and safety of the performers and crew.

Can anyone speak to just what took place, barring the sale of the Armory, that caused this decline you are all referring to? For me I was never a part of Kink during that, I'm coming in fully fresh to their content so I don't have any sense of loss, any sense of a degradation of it's quality as a site. Just curious as I'm surprised at the reaction. I snagged a yearly deal, yes, it's a reoccurring one, but the price I thought a special for the holiday couldn't be beat, hence I snagged it.

Interested in hearing more than just it's went to hell and that's that. I'm working on a more detailed response with some recommendations of scenes you should see. It's just getting past my bedtime and, well, getting old and all that Watch this space tomorrow and I'll tell you about some of my favourites. Seriously, you'll be happy with what you got. Unless you did it to support the studio in which case good on you. There are articles online that better explain what happened but basically Kink was shooting all of it's content from the Armory in San Francisco and at some point they lost the right and had to move out and that meant having to find other studios to shoot.

Not something that is as easy as it sounds when you have had a multi room easily accessible area for the last decade and more. It's too bad they had to give it up but it was probably an enormous cost for them. Kink used to be a giant in this niche. But that was up until several years ago when they started to decline.

The good news, however, is that they have a huge back catalogue of scenes so you will have a lot of fun poking around finding stuff you like. Another advantage to Kink is that because they started out as sub-sites with individual directors and individual subscriptions the network covers a really broad range of BDSM interests. They are still around but the pandemic has caused them to slow or stop production.

Kink was always a company that looked out for performers and this is no different. One downside to Kink having been around so long is that a lot of their older scenes are in relatively low resolution. I know that if I were ing for the first time in I might be compelled to ignore those lower resolution scenes in favour of the HD ones but I think that would be a mistake. One thing I really like about Kink stuff is that there is a lot of anal sex and a lot of anal play.

But, because Kink has such a good reputation in the industry they were also able to bring in more mainstream models for some lighter BDSM. The only example I can think of off the top of my head is Aubrey Addams. She was one of my favourite models when she was active in the business and even though she did a lot of anal scenes there was nothing that really pushed the limits. I was really pleasantly surprised to see her in a couple of Kink scenes.

Seeing her tied up and fucked hard was pretty hot. There is clear communication about safe words. My understanding is that Kink has a great reputation in the BDSM porn world for respecting limits and safe words. Other readers here may not like some of these answers. I guess this is the final note. One note on the photos in the links: Imgur tends to fuck up how the photos are sorted sometimes. Water Bondage: My recollection is that when I stumbled on this site it was the first Kink site that I had ever seen and I ed immediately because of its uniqueness. Unfortunately, because all of the scenes are so old the resolutions are relatively low but you should check them out anyway.

Because of the extremeness of the scenes they are mostly done by fetish models. These models are tied down or otherwise bound on devices and then hosed down or using some form of water to get them off. But, what really makes this site unique for me is one segment within each shoot where the model is bound in a tank of water or something similar and made to do things. She has flotation devices tied around her ankles and a weigh around her neck and is asked to hop up the side of the tank as far as she can.

In one she is suspended by the ankles and lowered into a tank that looks a bit like a phone booth full of water and she has to untie her wrists behind her back before being pulled up. She has a scene here where she is in a tall round tank. She has balloons tied to her up around her head. Her legs and arms are bound.

That takes too long so the Dom pokes the remaining ones with a pin until she slips under the water. Another of the oldest sites here, though it was still updating when I was last a member a couple of years ago, is The Training of O. In my opinion, this was probably the best site on the Kink network when it originally started.

Again, do yourself a favour and watch some of the older scenes. The older scenes followed a formula — a model was brought in for training as a submissive. The training lasted for three or four days. Over that period of time the model underwent training, which included mental and physical aspects of submission, and throughout each day she was asked to demonstrate her sexual skills and submission on a Dom.

Later scenes dropped that multi-day formula. The good news is that it seems that by dropping the multi-day formula that TTOO was able to bring in more mainstream models. The energy that Amber brings to her four-day shoot makes this an amazing four scenes. These four scenes, in total, are probably my favourite on the whole site. That or she is an amazing actor. One part of this multi-day shoot that sticks out is where she is made to do menial and messy work just because. I have no reason to think that this is untrue because Madison was known for her fetish work as a submissive.

The entire multi-day shoot is worth watching but the highlight for me is one segment where they make her carry two buckets of water through the building, including going upstairs, while wearing high-heeled shoes. She has to do jumping jacks in heels and duck walk.

In one case, for example, she expresses her fear of heights and they put a fall-arrest harness on her and hoist her high in the air in the air in the drill hall. This multi-day shoot also includes one of the first times, if not the first time, that Kink has used waterboarding. I have to admit that this made me uncomfortable but as a BDSM scene it really worked. And keep in mind that Kink was and is known for consent and safe words. Day One is a competition between models to see who will be allowed to advance to the four-day course for subs.

Public Disgrace: this site absolutely blew me away when Kink brought it out. I suspect that distinction remains though it is entirely possible that the European scenes are toned it down a bit now. This scene is amazing for people who like public nudity and BDSM mixed together. For me, the highlight of this scene is Molly, wearing almost nothing, is led down the sidewalk of a busy city street quite possibly Prague by Steve Holmes.

Her ankles and wrists are bound and she is carrying a bucket of water, a squeegee and a bottle of window cleaner. People gawk as Steve le Molly down the sidewalk. They come to a busy intersection and Steve sends her out into traffic to clean windshields. It is insane, and I mean that in a good way. The rest of the scene is great too.

At one point she washes a tour bus window with the passengers taking photos. At another point she gets stuck on the other side of the street. Steve eventually gets her pretty much naked and she continue. Molly appears to be having a ball through this.

This scene is shot in Spain, Barcelona I think, and also feature some incredible public nudity in bondage. At one point in the scene Yakima is stripped and fucked on a side street with cars driving by. At another point she is walked naked and in bondage down a sidewalk in front of an entire crowd waiting for a bus. She is then led to various semi-secluded areas where she is stripped and fucked often with an audience of passersby.

One guy is allowed to feel her up and slap her ass. Part of that is because in the earlier scenes I had seen her in she seemed so sweet and innocent. The scene takes place at a gas station. It starts in a van where Jada has a remotely controlled vibrator inserted in her. She then puts on an overcoat and she is sent out to offer to pump gas for the customers. While pumping gas the guys hidden in the van trigger the vibrator which gives some fun reactions from her and some puzzled looks from the people nearby.

The rest of the scene is great as well, with Jada sucking a couple of guys in the store and then getting vaginally and anally fucked by James Deen. As I said, I was really astounded to see Jada here. Though she did go on to have a great career and become an amazing anal queen.

The one part of the scene that sticks out for me is when Amy is led into a busy pizza shop and bent over the counter and fisted in her ass in front of the patrons.

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