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Asia is filled with so many cultural wonder and beauty. For parents looking to pay tribute to the Asian heritage or for parents who just appreciated the values, ideas, and people look no further. We've put together a list of beautiful Asian baby names that are beginning to make their way to the States.

Many Asian baby names are almost like music. They roll smoothly off the tongue, like the name Ishani for example, or Bodhi, which is getting a lot of attention in the U. Asia is the earth's largest and most populated continent.

It's also the most diverse. It's the birthplace of all of the world's major religions and has some of the most drastic climatic extremes. Asia has been home to spirituality, philosophy, adventure, and solace for centuries. Why wouldn't we steal their baby names? Our friends to the east have given us a wide array of colorful and multicultural names that might sound a little bit different at first, but are sure to get some compliments.

These names spanning all across Asia perfect for parents looking for something exotic and unique in the States. Here are 25 baby names from Asia that are making their way over to the US. Bodhi was imported onto the American popularity list in and quickly rose to last year. Bodhi is Sanskrit for "awakening, enlightenment. The Bodhi tree is a type of fig tree also associated with Buddhism. Bodhi has now made it to the top and is expected to continue to rise, maybe as the new and improved Brody.

Unlike Bodhi, Indra has never been seen on the American popularity list. This moniker is actually traditionally used for boys, but fares far better for baby girls in America. Indra is Sanskrit for "possessing drops of rain. In Buddhism, Indra was the guardian deity and the king of the highest heaven. Indra was the name of a character on the CW Show The Unlike the first two names on our list, India has spent a few years on the American list, though it struggled to hold a spot.

India was pretty successful in the late s and early s, but fell out of favor by It reappeared a few more times, but is still only ranked today. India is a place name which means "from the River Indus. Kai has become one of the top rising multicultural unisex names of the decade. Since Kai has been trying to make it to the top and as of last year it finally has. Not only is this moniker ranked in the U.

Kai appeals to a variety of parents because of its several different meanings. Kai, pronounced kye, is Hawaiian for "the sea," Japanese for "forgiveness," Navajo for "willow tree," and Maori for "food. Ronin made its way to the American list back in and has been slowly creeping toward the top since.

Sitting at today, Ronin is one of the newest tough guy names that is expected to keep climbing. Ronan is a spelling variation of Ronan, which is also doing well in the U. These monikers are Celtic, however, the Ronin spelling is also the name of an ancient Japanese renegade samari, making it even cooler and appreciated by history buffs.

Ronin is also a character in a Marvel comic and the name of a character in the animated movie, Epic and the movie 47 Ronin. Ringo is definitely more of an offbeat choice in the States, though it isn't without its charm. This moniker has never been on the American list, but, along with several other Asia names, it stands a chance to appear soon.

Ringo is Japanese for "apple" and can also be considered an English nickname. A memorable Ringo was The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, who was born Richard, but given the name Ringo because of the of rings he wore. Ringo may be a little more outlandish, but with the rise of nickname names, there's no reason it can't become a trend too. Most of us associate this Japanese name with the one and only Yoko Ono. Though this moniker is very prominent in Japan, in America, "Ono" might as well be "Uno. Yoko is Japanese for "good girl. There have been several other famous Yokos other than the artist and activist.

Yoko Kanno was a composer and Yoko of Mikasa was a Japanese princess. This moniker's originality and meaning make it perfectly fitting for a baby girl in the States. While Maya is soaring the American charts today, Miya has only recently entered as the th most popular baby girl name. It entered the list for the first time in , but has been on and off again since. Miya is the Japanese variation of Maya or Miya and means "palace, shrine and temple. There are a slue of macho military style names becoming increasingly popular like Axle, Gunner and Lance and Colt.

Cannon looks as if it just might become one of them. Cannon entered the list in and has only made it to Cannon is a Japanese word name. The English actually borrowed this name from the Italians who used it to describe a long tube. Just like Kai, Tai is a unisex moniker that perfectly fits either gender, however this one is a little bit fresher in America. It has never reached the American list, though it is popular in it's native country, China. Tai is Chinese for "great extreme" and is used as an equivalent for "too much.

Tai was historically used as a boy's name in China, but in the States it imports well for either gender. We might just see this one catch up to Kai soon! Kane is actually a very multicultural name with a variety of different origins that might intrigue American parents.

It appeared on the American list in and was sporadically on and off again since. Today, Kane is ranked , it's highest ranking ever. In Japanese it means "golden," in Hawaiian it means "man of the Eastern sky," and it is Welsh for "beautiful" and Celtic for "warrior. This moniker has had quite a ride on the American list. Its journey began in and 14 years later it landed in the top However, by it was almost completely out of the top Alisha is ranked today. Alisha is Sanskrit for "protected by God.

This pretty name, pronounced Pree-ya , has never been in the American top Though it is a top searched name on Nameberry. Priya is Sanskrit for "beloved. Both spellings are very popular in India and Nepal and traditionally given to girls born in August in both countries. It was also used for a character on the Australian soap opera, Neighbours. Not only is Zara my favorite brand of kids clothes, it's also becoming a mega hit baby name around the world.

Zara entered the American list in and has been slowly rising to the top. Today, Zara is ranked and is a top name in 5 other countries. Zara is Hebrew, Arabic, and Indian and means "princess to blossom. Zara can also be spelled Zarha or Zarah, which is how Chris Rock spelled it for his daughter, however, neither are as popular as the original.

This Japanese moniker is a new and refreshing take on the top , Nora. Nori has never been on the American list, despite its popularity in Japan. In Japanese culture it is used as both a girl's and boy's name, though it would be a little more feminine in the States. Nori has two different meanings, one being "seaweed" and the other "doctrine. This moniker would have no problem assimilating in America. It's a perfect alternative to the popular Rory and Nora. Sakura, pronounced sa-koo-rah, is another pretty Japanese name that has yet to be featured on the American popularity list.

This moniker's meaning and exotic sound makes a perfect choice to bring over to the States. Sakura is Japanese for "cherry blossom. Sakura has been the name of several Japanese models and pop stars. It was also used for several anime characters and female ninjas. This baby boy moniker is perfect for a winter baby boy. Yukio, similar sounding to the Peter Pan spinoff, Hook's Rufio, but with a colder meaning. This moniker has never been in the American top , but with its nickname sound could very well appear soon.

Yukio is Japanese for "snow boy. Yukio was a character in The Wolverine and Yukio Mishima was a writer from the s through the s. This rare "Y" name is an adorable choice for a baby this winter! Taya was in the top from and was on again and off again until , though it's still a top name in England. This moniker is also still one of the top searched baby girl names on Nameberry. Taya is Japanese for "young. This lovely moniker is all set up to take the place of the far too overused Maya.

Hot asian names

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