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Ok I was not sure where to put this as it is also a mild fetish. I could not think of what to put as my first post since my wife told me to here so I decided I would like to post an explanation of our long relationship so that it could help any others who feel this way and wish to try it, and also a tribute to my goddess who has made my life so rich. So here goes:. A year later we got married into what was a female led marriage, she took the promise to obey part out and I had it put in.

I feel that some people wrongfully classify subversive men as weak men. Somewhere along the line, they have been wrongly told that submission in a man is weak. It is my opinion that we are the strongest of men. As a truly submissive man I am a protector, a servant, a planner, as well as a graceful reflection of my Dominant Partner. I am conscious that my appearance is reflection of her and therefore endeavour myself to always be well put together.

I am a silent reflection of her strength and a supporter of her dreams and goals. As a submissive man I act with dignity, in fact I act with the dignity of the best butler…anticipating her needs because I know her. I know she drinks a cup of tea before bed and strive to have it waiting for her when she retires. I know after a long day she will need a foot rub and at weekend a massage so I have learned to do these.

I know after a bad day she want to have someone to moan and complain to without having an opinion or interruption, so I do that. I will always take her word as law and never question it and will always do as she asks. I strive to posses the best of manners, and what I mean by this goes way deeper than what the general society believes. I go shopping with her and carry her bags, I always open the door for her, I pull out her chair every time, no matter the location. I stand when she leaves the dinner table, even when we are alone.

I realise that my manners are a reflection of my deep gratitude for her. As a submissive man I am a gentleman first. I am honourable. The fun comes not only from the deep service I provide, but also when I am alone with my Mistress and a scene evolves. She knows me well and because I am indispensable to her, she will make every fantasy I have come true. When I am ill she cares for me deeply she forbids me to do a thing, it is at those moment I know how much she appreciates me. She values me tremendously. I am not less than her, but an extension of her. I am invaluable because even though I am submissive to her, I am not submissive to everyone.

I serve her and only her mind you we have had a little fun in that with some of her female friends occasionally as she has a little bi tendency which I am happy to indulge her with , and in that service comes a sense of joy and purpose. It also defines me as a man, a strong man, a submissive man. Anyway that is my opinion as a Manxman, maybe others have a more primitive chest thumping attitude but this has worked for almost 30 years for us so that alone says something. Please note anything posted here is by both of us and everything I post is checked by her as it should be.

I read this, and at first thought it was going to be spam, then I thought it was a joke, and then at the end I roared with laughter. Basically, you sound like you have a marriage made in heaven, which many women would kill for, just read some of the thre started by abandoned and abused women. It all goes to prove that happiness in marriage does not have to mean unhappy spouses be they male or female. I also congratulate you on getting to 28 years of marriage, which now matter how the marriage is organised is a feat in itself. I suppose the key is, that although you — Jim- are submissive, you still are valued and treasured and spoilt.

It works for us. We intend to and we both thank you for your reply, sorry the initial post was long winded. I am sure a few of our other little shall we say odd methods will come out in due time, I have ed under my name because I have been istructed to do so to show our kind of relationship can work and to any abused women that not all men will treat then bad. In conclusion yes we are both very happy to help others. Caroline posting now: jim has suggested it may be easier for some people to ask questions if I as a separate entity as they may be a little uneasy knowing he will see it.

Do you agree oldgirl or any others or is he just being lazy. Whatever floats your boat.. I found your post amusing and quite touching.. I agree if you have made a marriage last 27 years and can still say and feel such love and affection for each other then it is a very healthy relationship. Welcome to FF.. I like the idea of you both posting together, it is definitely unusual, and it means that Jim can in the posting a bit more easy, as strictly speaking, it is a female forum!

I certainly like the idea of husband training, having taken the best part of 25 years to do so!! You will treat all the ladies here with the respect I expect you to treat me and my friends rl, you will remember your manners and your oppinions will stich to only those you are asked for and I will not tolerate anymore flipant remarks.

I am also giving these ladies here full permission to pull you up should you do this. That is all. And my OH thought I was tough on him. I am going to show him your unedited post!! I like the remote control thingy, particularly if he gets lippy or too close to a pretty young thing in bar. Sounds like a marriage made in heaven!

Sorry to any ladies if I seemed lippy or disrespectful, will be back tomorrow jim. This is slightly like talking to a schizophrenic.. I must admit that reading your posts again while at first it may seem that Jim has the slave life and Caroline gets to take it easy. I can see that the planning involved in keeping this relationship going must be quite time consuming.. Im so worn out by 8pm Id lock my OH up and then fall asleep forgetting about him! So…are you guys like this all the time? Do your lives revolve around this? How do arguments typically play out?

For people to be open-minded and accepting of your choices. You should give others the same respect. You go buy something or you make sure he goes frustrated for a while or you get him back some other way and how many times do they sulk in the chair or sit their annoying you with the remote, the difference here is I am in charge.

It his job to do the washing cleaning, shopping etc, and more important ensure I am satisfied, BTW he gives the most sensual foot massage ever, I still cook and iron because I enjoy it. We have had kids and at times, I have supported his career when required but at the end of the day in this relationship, I am in charge and he knows it.

So as you see no planning really, it is not a case of thinking of things for him to do, it is simply if something needs doing then unless I want to do it he does it, most punishment does not involve any pain, most of the time it is simple stuff like grounding him, banning him from the PC as he is now until Wednesday, or making him satisfy me without him being satisfied, he has to earn his orgasms.

Cassandra, one of your comments caused me to chuckle, once when a little tired he pushed things a bit far, his punishment was I tied him to the bed and was going to keep him on the edge for ages whilst I had some fun, anyway after a while of lying there playing I dropped off…..

Anyway, I love him deeply and am very proud of him, but like any man, he needs to be kept in line. As for his chest thumping comment, that is why he is now banned from the PC until Wednesday and he apologised, His excuse was it was meant for any men who may read it who thought it was normal to treat women as lesser, no excuse he is being punished for it and will not do it again.

Just watch how quick he learns to be more help around the house. I think its great that you can make this work.. You seem to have got a system worked out in that he knows the als.. Im also more organized so I take care of all the financial stuff, arrange insurances, book tickets ,take care of dogs and children. I just get on with it.. I was the only girl and the eldest child in my family, OH was the only boy and the baby of the family.. I think we have simply carried our childhood roles on into adulthood and our relationship.

A lot of the problems we hear about on FF basically come from a lack of respect and bad communication from one or both parties. I do think respect is essential in any relationship. Whenever my OH does something for me I say thank you and after every meal he will clear the plates and thank me for cooking.. You may have an alternative way of doing things but I see that love respect and communication are very much foremost in your relationship. I appreciate him trying to send the message that women are not lesser people.

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Really I think this relationship is not nearly as one side as people might imagine.. July 31, at am Welcome to the forum. Some questions for both of you, out of genuine curiosity: So…are you guys like this all the time? Also, this struck a nerve with me: Anyway that is my opinion as a Manxman, maybe others have a more primitive chest thumping attitude but this has worked for almost 30 years for us so that alone says something.

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