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Tina is used to the usual requests—mostly to show off her breasts. Oh, and he only wanted her lips and hands to show on camera. The only thing is, Tina is a cam girl, someone who makes money by performing sexual acts —from masturbating to stripping—in front of a camera for a customer at the other end of a computer. Cam girls are just like a lot of other online workers—in constant contact with each other, often getting support.

And like other online workers, cam girls have their own communities where they can chat, gossip, share tips and even argue with each other. Others suggested she try blowing up balloons on her next cam visit with this client. To answer that, we went to one of their online forums and spent some time getting to know a few. Because they face online harassment—and possible legal repercussions—we are not naming the women or linking to their forum, a place where they often seek refuge.

All the names used here are made up—either by the cam girls themselves, or by us. They come from all walks of life, have a wide variety of careers and hobbies, and have all different body types. They also range in age from 20 to 41 and represent several ethnicities. What they have in common unites them more than their differences: They offer sexual gratification to customers whom they never have to physically meet or touch, but who affect them, nevertheless.

And networking makes a big difference for them. Her site, like others linked in the story, is not safe for work, so use your discretion. Sometimes she turns to her fellow cammers in the forum to get advice on new lingerie. Other times, she might find herself explaining the sociological reasons rude customers resort to racist names.

She landed what she calls her dream job this year,—a position at a social and economic policy think tank. But she keeps camming because she enjoys it. Other women, such as London Jones , cam fulltime. One day, while sitting in the hospital, she began to look up jobs on Craigslist and stumbled on an ad for cam girls. I left the and carried on looking at other . But all the time, the modelling job was stuck in my head. So she did it. Jones first wound up working for a studio that took 80 percent of her earnings, she said.

She started researching and reviewing different cam sites before moving to myfreecams. Jones also reviews camming sites and posts her experiences on her blog, My Camgirl Secrets. She likes to to offer guidance to girls just starting in the industry. Innes , a cam girl at Southern Charms knows that first hand. Like a lot of cam girls, Innes spends a lot of time advertising, shooting and editing photos, and keeping in touch with her customers. Danielle got into camming later in life.

The flexible schedule gives her more time to spend horseback riding. I am more than willing to share ideas as well as ask for help from other cam girls. But the moment someone else tries to take a swing at us we are a pretty united front for the most part. New girls are constantly ing the forum to seek answers, share stories and find solace. And they are welcomed. We were all newbies at one time. This year, the women all worked together to create a post just to get new visitors up to speed, covering types of studios, webcam technology, show promotion and more.

At the end, the authors invite new girls to ask questions and not to hesitate to explore. Lauren Rae Orsini is a web culture reporter who specializes in anime and the business of fandom. Her work has been published by Forbes and Business Insider. Featured Video Hide. Advertisement Hide. Share this article. Lauren Rae Orsini Lauren Rae Orsini is a web culture reporter who specializes in anime and the business of fandom.

Cam girl forum

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