A daddy dom

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Rather than a daddy-dom relationship being defined by an overarching theme, there are groups in the community who want to stress a more personal connection between the people who are involved. Daddy-dom relationships are not limited exclusively to a male dominant and a female submissive, either. Often, due to the similar names, a daddy-dom relationship is confused with having a sugar daddy. Though the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive, they do have some key differences.

Sugar daddies provide monetary value in exchange for sex; daddy-doms just provide an outlet for the bedroom; no money required. However, like most kinks in the BDSM community, this is not commonly known because no one seems to want to talk about it.

Well, in the real world, proper daddies listen to consent and safe words. A lot of the stigma comes from the connotation of incest, which is a very real, non-consensual aspect that can happen in the real world. In a daddy-dom relationship, the aspect of playing incest is a misconception, too. The kink, according to members of the community, has nothing to do with incest at all. Like babe and baby: everybody calls their ificant other that. The relationship, like any other, seems to come back to love and trust in another person, but babies take it a step further, trusting in a Daddy to care for them and treat them to a kinkier side of their bedroom activities.

With all of the trust in this kind of relationship, communication is vital to keep all participants safe and secure. The stigma behind the relationship is also a major hurdle for participants to overcome, should they decide to make their relationship public. However, for Ozaruk, the passion in the relationship seems to outweigh the potential scorn from the nay-sayers. So the moral? Communicate and be consensual. Other than that, what happens behind closed doors is nothing to scoff at. As long as the relationship is safe and consensual, none of us are in a position to parent what people do in their bedrooms.

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A daddy dom

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