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Skip ! Story from Sex. You might think it's hot as hell. Or maybe it makes you feel vulnerable. After all, you've just climbed on top of another person. You're giving and receiving oral simultaneously. A lot is happening. Your line of sight is in pretty personal territory. Myisha Battle , a certified sex and dating coach, tells Refinery29 that she's generally a fan of ing — so called because it looks like the 6 and the 9 are, well, ing.

This creates this pleasure loop that can be really exciting for both people. It's also inclusive. It can be done with a penis and a vagina, a vagina and a vagina, or a penis and a penis. Of course, no one should feel pressured to take part in an act they feel iffy about, or that they've tried and disliked.

So if you're curious — or a die-hard fan with a new boo — be sure to ask your partner if they're down before trying to get in position. That's a good idea before trying anything new in bed, to be honest. If they say yes, then check out this guide to get some ideas on how to have a successful session. Use protection. Yes, STIs can be transmitted via oral sex. Start with the basics. The most common position is this: Partner A lies on their back, and Partner B positions themselves on top of them, lining up their genitals with Partner A's mouth and vice versa.

Then, get to licking. If you've never ed before or you're with a new partner, this is a great, simple starting point. Use a pillow. To make things more comfortable, the person on bottom can place a pillow under their head. They even make sex pillows that are firm enough to support you in this kind of position. Switch up positions. There are plenty of variations on the classic Some people find it more comfortable to simultaneous perform oral while both partners are lying side-by-side, instead of one on top.

But people can get really creative with positions. You can have one person lie with their head hanging off the bed, while the other bends over them, for instance. If you're a newbie, though, focus on what feels comfortable first — if you're too distracted by contorting yourself into a fun position, you may not be able to focus on your pleasure. Stay playful. Getting the hang of ing can be as awkward as it can be hot.

So try to keep a sense of humor about the whole thing, and be willing to laugh at yourself if things go awry. Nothing can kill a vibe faster than embarrassment. You can use all your best oral sex moves while ing. Some crowd-pleasers: Lick and suck the inner thighs and area around the clit or penis head, in addition to focusing right on those super-sensitive spots. Swirl your tongue in a clockwise motion, then switch to counterclockwise. And most importantly, listen to your partner's words and reactions to your movements, and keep doing what feels good for them, Sadie Allison, PhD, founder of sex toy boutique TickleKitty.

Incorporate your hands too, Battle recommends, by inserting a few fingers into the vagina or anus, if your boo is cool with that, for example. Use a finger vibe. Really, any toy is fair game while ing, from magic wands to rabbits. But take it from experience — larger toys can be difficult to manage during this sex act, when you're overcome with pleasure and trying to stay balanced. That's why Battle recommends finger vibrators , which slip right on your digit and add a little oomph to your regular hand play. Also a safe bet: butt plugs. Speak up. Make sure to tell your partner when something feels just right , or if something is uncomfortable.

And remember: If at any point you decide you're done, it's fine to say so, even if no one "finished. Another week, another retrograde. On July 15, Chiron begins its retrograde journey in bold Aries, a that the comet has been hanging out in since. Padma Lakshmi Looks B The Harvard University professor of epidemiology a. When Refinery29 writes about periods, we typically use images that depict periods or period products alongside the article.

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69ing tips

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